Box #9: VFD Cable Products

Quarter 1 – 2016 Spark Box: Your machines probably have motors that are controlled by Variable Frequency Drives. So are you using and protecting them with the proper cable, connectors & strain relief? Products in the Box: Belden Variable Frequency Drive Cable (29500) T&B Ranger Series (2932 & 2932NM) T&B Black Beauty (2694) A liquid-tight connector to connect flexible cord or cable to an enclosure and provide adequate strain relief. ——————————————————————————————–    VFD Cable Product Video:   ———————————————————————————— A liquid-tight connectors to…

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Box #8: Panduit Network Security and Protection Products

November 2015 Spark Box:   Products in the Box: Panduit IndustrialNet™ Category 6A RJ45 Field Terminable Plug (PART#: ISPS688FA) RJ45 Plug Block-out Device (PART#: PSL-DCJB) RJ45 Plug Lock-in Device (PART#: PSL-DCPL) ——————————————————————————————–    Network Security Product Video:   ———————————————————————————— IndustrialNet™ Category 6A RJ45 Field Terminable Plug PART#: ISPS688FA Shielded metallic ethernet plug to protect in industrial environments. 8-position, IndustrialNet™ RJ45 plug, field terminable, for use with solid 24/1 – 22/1 AWG and stranded 27/7 – 22/7 AWG, conductor diameter 1.0 – 1.6mm…

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Box #5: Maintenance, etc. Products

February 2015 Spark Box:   Products in the Box: Safe-T-Grip Fuse Puller (Cat. No. 34-001) IRON-MAN Bi-Metal Hole Saw (Cat. No. 35-345) Tamper-proof Torx Bit Set (Cat. No. 78-0101) Hubbell USB Charger Receptacle ——————————————————————————————————- Safe-T-Grip Fuse Puller (Cat. No. 34-001) Safety First. Don’t just grab them, Pull them. Features Handy and convenient for removing or replacing cartridge-type fuses Three sizes handle fuses ranging from 0 to 600A Fully insulated, high dielectric, glass filled polypropylene construction Notched handles provide safe, no-slip…

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Box #4 – Wire Management Products

December/January 2015 SparkBox Products Product Samples in the Box: Cable Ties and Mounting Ties Cable Tie 4” 18 lb. White (Cat. No. IT1M-C) Cable Tie 4“ 18 lb. Black (Cat. No. IT1M-CO) Cable Tie 7.5” 50 lb. White (Cat. No. IT2S-C) Mounting Cable Tie – 8” 50 lb. White (Cat. No. IT2SMH-C) Mounting Pads (Cat. No. IT750MP-C) Wire Markers (Cat. No. 44-102) IDEAL Wipes (Cat. No. 38-500) Thermo-shrink Thin-wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing 3/16” for 20-14 AWG (Cat. No. 46-313) 1/4”…

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Box #3 – Lockout/Tagout/Safety Products

November 2014 Spark Box Products   Products in the box: Safety Lockout Hasp (44-800) by IDEAL Heavy-Duty Lockout Tags “Do Not Operate” (44-1833) by IDEAL Hinged Single-Pole Breaker Lockout (44-810) by IDEAL NEC Arc Flash Warning Label (44-892BK) by IDEAL Hubbell Heavy-duty Weather-proof Cover (WP8E) ————————– Safety Lockout Hasp (44-800) by IDEAL This is a product that every facility and shop needs multiple of to lockout an energy source.  To protect all workers and departments from accidentally operating a machine that is…

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Box #2 – TEST/BEND/PLUG Products

OCTOBER 2014 Spark Box Products Products in the box: GFCI Receptacle Tester (61-501) by IDEAL VoltAware™ Non-Contact Voltage Tester (61-025) by IDEAL Bender Boot™ for Conduit Benders (74-037) by IDEAL (+ the Bender Booklet) Hubbell Single Pole Plugs – 150 amp (HBL15MBK) – Male & (HBL15FBK) – Female ————————– GFCI Receptacle Tester (61-501) Features Warns against faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles For use on 125VAC circuits 1-year warranty Product Resources Instructions: 61-500 & 61-501 Receptacle Tester Instructions ————————– VoltAware™ Non-Contact…

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